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Analysis of the Youtube video from Georgia Free about Hypergamy

She considers herself a self-proclaimed woman of high value. This reminds me of another female youtuber: “the belly of the beast.” Those two female YouTubers aren’t modest. Consider themselves to be a high-value woman but no they didn’t change the world. They didn’t build a hydrogen car, they didn’t find an alternative to oil, they didn’t code any mindblowing mobile app. Georgia Free or the Belly of the beast haven’t done anything that would make them high-value women. Those manipulators use the power of persuasion to value themselves. They want to shine on the internet. To do so, they have to make their persona look great. I am very sad when I see that some MGTOW systematically believe what people say online. It is a manipulation technique that I have described in my ebook “how women manipulate men”.

It is very important not to take this woman seriously. She is not representative of anyone. She is a youtuber. 

This may not be obvious but her reflection is pure hamstering. In fact, she wants to justify that women should get a man who earns big money. She wants to take advantage of a man to get a big house with a swimming pool and a big car. She uses all sorts of pseudo-scientific explanations to justify hypergamy, however, she does not give any reference to any university studies or any reputable sources.

Those women use always the same manipulation techniques. They value themselves using the power of persuasion. Then, they use the ghost man technique by pretending there is somebody better than you to put you down. In fact, those youtube videos serve the same purpose. It is about pressuring men to be better at serving women. The hidden message behind her youtube video is: “look hypergamy is natural, it is legitimate, now men should work for women because it is your fate and it is your nature.” Quite interestingly, it is close to the Russian gold digger ideology. As I explain in my article about Russian gold diggers there is a new generation of women in Russia who consider that by nature, men are made to be financial providers of women. It is not a joke. They seriously talk about it.

In front of those fallacious statements, I do encourage to never accept to be the financial provider of a woman. Women are equal to men, the legal frameworks in the countries of the western world give them as many chances as men to earn money. Women have to earn money for their personal expenses.

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