5 Seduction techniques for men

  1. Give a compliment about her body: It sounds obvious and overused but according to my observations, it is always working all over the world. Give her a compliment about a part of her body that she wants to value. For instance, if she decided to show her legs with a special dress, tell her she has beautiful breast. If she has a significant cleavage, tell her she has a beautiful cleavage.
  2. Tell her that she is different than other women: Use the context and tell her that she is special. Give an example. For instance: “usually women are not as nice as you here”. Most of the times, we just forget to value the really nice women and there is no need to play.
  3. Tell her that you like her: It is obvious, classic & overused too  but how many times have you heard a man telling a woman: “i like you” with confidence? not that much. Also it is important to explain why you like her.
  4. Tell her that what she is doing is good: You go to a pub and you discover a beautiful good singer. She successfully sings something difficult. Tell her that you were impressed to see that & then that she is courageous to come in public to sing.
  5. Talk about her origins: For instance, if a woman look like a latina ask her if she is spanish or italian. She may tell you yes or not. Then, you tell her that you like her face. If you hear an exotic accent, ask her if she comes from a place where you think the accent comes from. Then, you can say that her accent is sexy.