A letter to my supporter (members & patrons)

When I was younger, I wish I knew a man who could teach me about women. I have never met this man. As I was younger, I listened to what men had to say. With hindsight, I must say that few men are red-pilled mgtows. This is also why I started

Now, after travelling a lot and living in Canada, Spain, UK, France, Netherlands, I am knowledgable about women. However, I still learn even today. I witness new female behaviors. There is always something to learn.

I have a lot of knowledge that I want to share. I have many ideas about girlfriends, wives, female managers, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, female friends. I have many things to say about dating, relationship, marriage, divorce.

I think that it is always useful to learn something. Even if your are MGTOW monk, you must interact with women in your daily life: at the supermarket, at your workplace, in your family circle. So, even if you decided to stop dating women, you still likely interact with your mothers and female coworkers. I have a lot of things to say about your mothers and your coworkers too!

We live in a world where men don’t act out of self-interest. My job is to raise men awarness and think about their self-interest first.

Yours faithfully.

Sebastian delorme.