Dating tips for men

  1. Clothing: I have found that the classy look is the most important. It is quite impressive to witness that whatever the age & whatever the country, women like a man who get dressed in classy clothes. The jacket would be the starting point. For sure, it is a bit more difficult during summer. Nevertheless, it gives some directions for your clothes. Read my article related to clothing. 
  2. Get ready: Many people tell you things like: “Be yourself, Be spontaneous, you will see, go with the flow.” That’s a void statement. It is not advice. It does not bring anything to the situation. When you date a woman, you should be ready to know what to say to her especially when your situation is not easy to explain. Also, you should know where to come back if the “date” leads to a one night stand.
  3. Arrive early: Arrive 15 minutes before the time of your date. Thus, you can take the time to choose intimate seats where you will not be disturbed by other people. You can also order something. It is quite important when it is a white wine bottle for instance because it will help to get rid of inhibitions faster.
  4. Don’t make a stand: Avoid to talk about serious subjects where you have to make a stand like politics, abortion, war, religion. Try to avoid those topics at any price.
  5. Compliments: Refer to my article about compliments during pickup. Don’t overuse compliments but there are mandatory. It always worked in the past, and it will always work in the future. Women or men love compliments. For instance, let’s imagine she got dressed in a fitted dress with nylons and high heels, tell her that she has beautiful legs. It is straightforward.
  6. Don’t be complicated: Some people suggest to play a game with your date. The clearest your intentions are & the most likely you will be successful. Bad jokes or a cold behavior never works. You have to show that you are interested in her otherwise you can’t rely on her interpretation of a hidden message.
  7. Winning touchdown: When you can hold the hand of a woman, if she let you hold her hand, it means that you are almost successful. On the contrary, if the woman wants always to keep a distance, there is nothing to do, and it is time to go home.
  8. Be ready for a one night stand: At the end of an evening, there is nothing bad against politely asking for sex. Then, you should know how to come back as fast as possible to your place or her place.