To Fly to Russia or Ukraine, or to use a dating site or agency

Before I traveled to Ukraine and Russia for the first time, I thought that it was easy to meet a local woman. Then, when I discovered Russia and Ukraine I faced a series of disappointment. First of all, it was very difficult to communicate with the local women because most of them didn’t speak a word of English. Then, I have discovered that I was in the middle of an unknown world. Everything was written in a language that I could not read but it was not the number one issue. Everything was different and I didn’t know where to go to meet women. In every city, I walked a lot. I went to commercial malls, supermarkets. I tried to start to talk to women but it was like hitting a wall. I understood it would take time to meet someone in Ukraine or Russia. 

I discovered that global dating wasn’t so easy. On the Internet dating, coaches make you believe that it is easy to meet someone in Eastern Europe. It is easy to manipulate you because when you are at home behind your computer, there are no constraints related to your money, time, language.

And no, it is not cheap to stay in Russia or Ukraine. You have to pay for your accommodation, for food, for transport on top of all your regular expenses.

If you join a dating website or a dating agency to help you find someone in Russia or Ukraine, it helps to save a huge amount of time and money. Furthermore, it can help you meet several women in a short time frame.