How to pick up women?


In this world, clothing and look are very important. When you look at pictures of men in the 70ties that the look was completely different. We could not imagine that today a man seriously get dressed in 70ties outfit including facial hair and no haircut. In fact, i have found that the classy look worked everywhere. This article talks about clothes for a date but i think that the first impression if very important for women. Don’t forget they are very influenced by the image of men on the media.

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Pickup lines:

People call it pickup lines but i call it compliments. Simple compliments are mandatory when you want to pick up a woman. You should use the context, be straight forward and confident. Also, when you compliment a woman be ready to have your business cards in hands, otherwise your compliment or your compliments are useless.

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Business card:

I do think it is a major aid because many times we talk to women and we don’t have their details. ¬†Also, usually, when dating coaches talk about women, they imagine a perfect situation where you are in a 1 to 1 type of situation. However, women are often surrounded by friends. So, you can’t pick up a woman in front of three people. The business card allows you to give a way to contact you without spending time for it. Thus, there is no a akward situations for you and for her.

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