Feminism is an anti-man movement.

“positive” discrimination is a discrimation against men

Positive discrimination, while often well-intentioned, is a form of discrimination. Take, for instance, the practice of designating certain carriages on night trains exclusively for women, thereby excluding men from accessing those spaces. While this measure may aim to address safety concerns or create a more comfortable environment for women, it inherently discriminates against men based on their gender. Such practices, although intended to promote equality or provide support to historically marginalized groups, can perpetuate stereotypes and deepen divisions within society. Instead of fostering genuine inclusivity, they may inadvertently reinforce notions of inequality and perpetuate gender-based segregation. While it’s important to address issues of safety and comfort for all individuals, implementing measures that exclude or disadvantage one group based on gender ultimately undermine the principles of equality and fairness that are fundamental to a just society. Therefore, positive discrimination, no matter the intent, should be approached with caution, as it risks exacerbating rather than alleviating societal inequalities.

If companies and societies hire women just because of their gender or choose politicians because of their gender, it means that it is done to the detriment of men. This means that gender has become a skill. For sure, the positive discrimination is a discrimination against men.

In The western world, where feminism is the strongest, women have the same rights than men

Therefore, if a women’s movement exists to give women more rights, it is to the detriment of men. This movement therefore wants women to have more rights than men. Also, Feminist associations want to get more public money. This means they want to take advantage of male tax payers. This policy will reallocate resources to support only women at the expense of men.

Blaming the natural heterosexual behavior of men

Feminism supporters want people to believe that the heterosexual intercourse is an oppression of women by men. In general, they want people to believe that women are sexually oppressed by men. They want people to believe that men are dictators in every heterosexual relationship. They want men to feel guilty of being men. They want men to be ashamed of their sexuality. They implicitly want to castrate men.

If feminists wanted a gender-equitable society, they wouldn’t be feminists, they would be humanists.

There are men and women who are humanists. They care about people whatever their gender. These men and women aren’t feminists.