Red pill term glossary – Wiki

Attention seeker: is defined as a woman who continuously want to attract the attention of other people. They may use lies and manipulation to get validated by a crowd of people.

Blue pill(ed): refers to a man who believe the propaganda of the system about women and heterosexual relationship. E.g: Women are all angels. Women are all good mothers. Women are fragile. Women should be protected by men. Marriage is great. Marriage is forever.

Black pill(ed): Refers to men who think that women haven’t the physical ability to love men. According to the black pill ideology, women only perform selfish acts when they interact with men.

Carousel (The): it describes the situation where a woman has successively several sexual partners in a short timeframe. She took the carousel meaning she had many sexual partners.

Friendzoned: refers to men who are exploited by a female friend in the name of friendship. Can also describe a man who shows his love for a woman before being turned away by a female friend who reinstates the friend status of the man and pretend that the friendship would be destroyed in case of an affair.

Gold digger (a): refers to a venal greedy woman who are solely interested in the financial assets that a man can bring her.

Hamstering: refers to a woman who want to explain her situation by illogical illegitimate unfounded allegations. A woman stole her boyfriend $500, he filed a complaint, she was sent to jail. She pretended she took the money since she didn’t want him to go out and cheat on her.

Incel: Said of a man who is an involontary celibate. They are frustrated after being unsuccessful with women. This frustration is turnd into hatred speech on the internet. They usually express a resentment against woman which can lead to a crime in the most extreme cases.

It’s just your turn: refers to the fact that a relationship with a woman isn’t eternal. The red pillers use this expression to remind a man that another man will date his woman in the future. This statement refers to the fact that half of marriages ends in a divorce in the USA.

Hypergamy: A woman who wants to always date a man of a higher social status than her.

Men going their own way: refers to men who decided to act in their best interest rather than in the interest of women, religion, society and the matrix.

Misandry: refers to male bashing, gratuitous humiliation of men, hatred speech against men, hate against men.

Mangina (a): refers to a feminist man who widespread the feminist concepts in the society.

Monkey branching: A woman (girlfriend, wife) who still look for other men while being already committed to a man.

NAWALT: refers to a “Non-All-Women-Are-Like-That” statement. Such a statement is usually brought to a debate following the criticism of a man towards several women. An interlocutor tries to contradict him by a NAWALT statement.

Paypig: is said of a man who give money to a woman and gets nothing in return. He can be a suggar daddy. Synonym: Cash cow

Purple pill: refers to a man who is aware of the red pill concepts, but act like a blue-pilled man.

Simp (a): refers to a man who put a woman or several women on a pedestal.

Suggar daddy/baby: refers to an appartent relationship where a man pays to get accompanied by a woman. In practice, it is either a relationship involving a prostitute or a paypig.

Validation: as in the expression “seeking validation”. This refers to a woman on a social media who consciously act immorally to gather numerous “thumbs up” or “+1.” The said individual is usually obsessed by her number of followers.

Wall (the): as in the expression: “hitting the wall.” This refers to the short timeframe when a woman’s body and her face quickly deteriorate in the matter of a few years usually in her thirties. When this happens, it is said that the said woman is hitting the wall. Older women are said to have hit the wall.

White knight (a): refers to a man who is convinced that he must defend a woman or several women. The white knight doesn’t act for his interest but the interest of a woman.