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Video of beautiful women skiing in swimsuit in Russia

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I have chosen to show something that is representative of Russian women. They are often portrayed as rude & straight-forward, women by the “fake news” West media. In reality, they are always polite and more importantly they are respectful with men. For instance, in the western world, if you ask a simple question to a woman, you never know how it is going to end. Just with a question, a woman can feel upset and talk bad to you in return. With Russian women, it’s different; they never get into a fight if we are friendly to them.

The huge gap between the Russian women culture and the American women culture shows how psychologically deceased western women are. I especially think about women getting into an argument for nothing, women being unsatisfied all the time and unable to see how lucky they are. Moreover, people legitimated this culture saying it is a standard behavior of women.

In this video from June 2016, you can see Russian women skiing in bikini or swimsuit:

Those women that you can see in this TV documentary from Russian Today are accessible. Conversely, West women with this body would likely have a stronger ego and be much harder to talk to. That’s why I do encourage men to discover Russia.

I have written an Ebook about it.