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How to detect that someone is a purple pill

Sometimes ago, I was on discord and I discussed the prostitution phenomenon in Ukraine on a MGTOW discord room with a so-called MGTOW member. During the conversation, he started to say that Ukrainian women were victims of the harsh situation in Ukraine. According to him, since they were desperate they worked as prostitutes. 

This is a purple pill reaction to me. When you think that women are victims by default even if you have no evidence that they are victims of anyone or any situation, it is really the reaction of a purple pilled man. Quite interestingly, during his speech, he never said that the financial situation was harsh to Ukrainian men. He didn’t say an inclusive statement like: “life is hard for Ukrainian people”. He only focused on women. Thinking about it, it is a residual blue pill reaction.

This issue didn’t happen only once. On an MGTOW group, I said that in Europe there were no women trafficking. One masculinist guy told me that sometimes there are women trafficking on the french riviera. he had no evidence for sure.

For your information, women trafficking is like the rape culture, it is a myth. Do you imagine that many men who decide to jail women in a room, take away their IDs and ask them to work as prostitutes? That never happens. Even if our media are feminists and leftists, they never report such a news.  

For your information, when I lived in the Netherlands in front of a red light district, all the Eastern European women, I have met who worked in the red light district to get big money quickly without any skills. This had nothing to do with poverty.

Here are some key points to find that a man is a purple pill

  • He cares more about the situation of women than the situation of men
  • He thinks that women are victims of the society
  • He thinks that women are victims of a man or a group of men
  • He thinks that somewhere (in another city/region/country) there is a group of women in a different city / region / country where it is possible to marry a woman.

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