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Let’s talk about toxic mothers & male victims

It is surprising that psychologists start to talk about toxic mothers. When I grew up in the nineties, people thought that mothers were angels. Now, practitioners and certified therapists start to understand that mothers can be toxic to their children.

Male bashing: Few people know that toxic mothers behave like toxic wives or toxic girlfriends. They bash their son. However, the results are terrible on a boy’s mind since a young man is a much more fragile than a mature man.  For example, my mother told me once: “no normal women would like to mate with you, only widows, that would be the only option for you.”

Humiliation: There are those boys who are humiliated by their mother.

Criticism: There are those boys who are criticized by their mother all the time. For example, those mothers will be control-freak and will not accept their son to have a different lifestyle than they wanted. For no reason, a mother can tell her son that he is not doing well, that he is not looking good, that there are better people than him. Those types of sentences are destructive for a young boy.  

Control-freak: This is when a mother will impose her lifestyle to her son(s). He will be forced to follow what she says and if he does not accept it, she will force him to do what she wants. For example, we heard a mother saying to her son: “as long as you live under my roof, you live how I want.”

Physical assault: This happens from time to time. A mother can scream after her son all the time. She can beat him and slap him. She takes advantage of the power she has. However, we found that most of the time, a toxic mother does not need to touch her son to destroy him. The toxic mother destroys her son by words most of the time. 

When a man has suffered from the psychological assaults from his mother, he is hurt. He should stay away from his mom to protect himself rather than trying to debate with his mom. Once he will be away from his mom, he will be able to restore his psychological health but it will take years.