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The Wikipedia’s definition of Hypergamy is wrong

Hypergamy is the situation when a woman decides to get committed to a man who earns more money than her.

Lots of pseudo-scientific statements have been added to the Wikipedia page for Hypergamy. However, there is no sociological or ethnological studies stating that women always chose richer men to raise their offspring in a safe environment. If those studies existed, be sure that all the feminist media would have covered the story. There would be an article about it everywhere in huffingtonpost, cnn, nytimes… Anyways, all those people who pretend that women naturally chose a rich man for their offspring don’t have any pieces of evidence. They have no reference.

I don’t want to promote those fallacious ideas because this legitimates and reinforces the idea that WE, men should dedicate our life to women. This implies that we should compete against each other to reach a satisfying social class in order to get accepted by a woman.

I say NO. 

Hypergamy is a purely narcissistic behavior. It is just about greed. This is the behavior of a spoiled child who looks for her interest. Hypergamy is a behavior of female predators who want to use a man in order to get a better lifestyle. It can’t be legitimated. It is not a moral behavior.

Hypergamous women want to use men to reach better living standards without working hard. This is just a manipulation of greedy women. The children are just an excuse. There is a simple example to illustrate this idea. You don’t need a swimming pool in your yard to entertain children. You don’t need a BMW X6 to bring the children to a school. You don’t need to fly to Cambodia to have fun with children during the holidays.