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Opinion about the carousel concept – red pill –

The carousel is the idea that a woman may have lots of sexual encounters because of sexual freedom. This is just the sexual frustration of some men. You can’t expect to live in a world where you are sexually free and wish that women don’t have this sexual freedom. Male sexual freedom goes along with female sexual freedom.

Women should have as much sex as men.

More importantly, when men question the sexuality of women this means that those men are sensitive to everything women do. By doing so, they put women on a pedestal.

I read stories about the carousel in MGTOW groups. This is not MGTOW. It is strange to see that men who want to go their own way value so much the sexuality of women. By doing so, they put women on a pedestal. They don’t go their own way because they follow up on everything that women do. Those men imagine that women have lots of sexual partners and they describe this situation. Those men believe the carousel stories and suffer from it.

Those men don’t know that it is a way to manipulate them. This is related to sexual manipulation (negative way) that I describe in my book “how women manipulate men”. Some men think that women have plenty of sex; especially beautiful women. Some men will talk about the carousel and in those threads, everyone will contribute to this idea which states that women have many sex opportunities. They don’t know that they relay women’ lies and manipulation.

A woman can take advantage of the carousel myth and make a man believe that she has sex with a lot of very potent studs that are sexually better than him. It will lower the ego of the male interlocutor so that she will be able to control him. This technique is called “mind fucking” among the female predators.

For example, a woman will tell a man, that she had sex with men who had huge genitalia and could have sex 10 times during the night. By listening to this story, the male interlocutor will understand he can’t compete and will become docile. I call this manipulation technique “the ghost man technique”. This is when a woman forges an ideal man who does not exist to better control another man.

Those men don’t think that women can lie to lower men’s ego. So, it is better to not to listen to carousel stories. Anyways, you will never be able to know whether the story is true or not.

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