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My gf/wife wants to go on holidays to expensive destinations

I have observed an inflation of expectations towards men in relationships since 2000-2003. Vacation is one aspect of this inflation. 

Before 2000, the women I knew appreciated to go on vacation to relatively close vacation destinations. Today, those women would prefer to take a flight or ask their husband to drive to a remote destination.

Some of you may say that the flight tickets prices tremendously dropped. However, in my region, the closest airport is located 100 km away. This implies that one has to drive to the airport, pay the car park and then go. You may say that the flight tickets are cheaper but you should take into account the gas to go to the airport & the car park. 

Some people may say that cars are more comfortable or that the highways are better. In fact, highway fares haven’t been as high as now. Speed limits have been lowered and it takes a longer time to reach destinations.

When I observed the chosen vacation destinations I understood that something changed. They all decided to go to pricey destinations. 20 years ago, people used to go to cheap vacation destinations. Now, they want to go to cities or regions that are the most expensive. For example, in my country France, 20 years ago, some women liked to go to the nearby ocean shore. Now, they encourage their boyfriend or husband to drive 10 to 13 hours to reach Spain from Paris. Also, I have seen that more and more women are interested in the most expensive vacation destinations in my country. For example, In the nineties, I remembered that some women could go to the countryside on vacation. Today, many want to go to the french riviera which is the most expensive region of France with Paris.

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