The female manipulator techniques get stealthier

I wrote a book called “how women manipulate men?” that you can find on Amazon. Consequently, I still analyze manipulation techniques targeting men.

I see a general trend. The techniques to manipulate men get stealthier.

They hide their strategy

We noticed that female predators now hide their game when they are young. Sympathy is the manipulation of the future. Some female predators are nice to men for them to commit. Then, once they are into a relationship those women change their strategy. They can show their requests. For example, in a first phase, the female predator doesn’t ask to go on holidays to remote destinations and once she is married, she imposed her husband to fly to remote islands. In the beginning, they play the comedy saying they are happy about the rented apartment they live in. Then, once they get committed, married or once they have children they want their man to buy a $500,000 house.

Income game

Women describe vaguely their source of income to hide that they don’t earn a lot of money and will be financially dependent on a man to pretend to their desired lifestyle.

For example, a woman may pretend she is financially independent thanks to her half time job but in fact, her parents financially support her. She may also start a business at home or online business to pretend that she will earn a lot of money some day. Once she gets pregnant she gives up her project.

House as the center of manipulation

today, many women would not be able to own a house without the income of their husband or boyfriend. some want to make people believe that 50% of the mortgage is paid by her and 50% is paid by the man. Many times, 80% is paid by the man and 20% is paid by the man or 100% is paid by the man.

Use of children

Since house chores are non-existent thanks to all the automated appliances of today (robot vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, readymade food), women use their children to make believe they are very busy. However, 100 years ago, women had to take care of children and on top of that, they had to go out to clean the clothes at the local lavoir. They had to boil milk for children to kill bacterias, they had to clean with a broom, they had to prepare all the vegetables by hand…etc…etc… There was much more workload at home.

Power of persuasion gets more and more common

That is when a woman tells a situation and make you believe that this situation is normal. For instance, every man has to marry a woman under a classic wedding agreement. Every man has to pay the mortgage for his wife. Every man has to open a joint bank account with his wife or girlfriend. The goal of the power of persuasion is to make believe that a man has to be a slave to women. It is his fate.

Also, they destroy the reputation of their past husband and past boyfriend to make people believe that they are angels and that men are responsible for all their problems.

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