The marriage has no benefits to men in many cases

On the paper, marriage should be interesting since it provides tax allowances and would allow benefiting from the alleged revenue of the spouse in order to reach higher living standards. Also, in everyday’s life, splitting expenses in two should benefit both spouses. However, this is not what I observed in many cases.


I have observed many couples. Unfortunately, in many cases, female predators encourage their husband to live beyond their means.

Let me explain. I know some men very well. I knew their personality before they got married. I knew what they liked and what they didn’t like. Once they got married they spent money on products and services that they weren’t interested in. After investigation, I understood those expenses were triggered by their spouse/partner. The house is the first expense of households in the western world. A couple of surveys found that women had the final word about buying a house. I think they choose houses that are more expensive than what the man can afford.

For example, one of those men was against taking out a mortgage and he just wanted to rent a house. He ended up buying an overpriced house close to the ocean where the price of houses is the highest. Another one didn’t like water, he ended up with a big swimming pool in his garden.

Some of those men live under the influence of their wife or their girlfriend and it ended up taking out loans and mortgages that influenced the lives of those men for many years. Those women created constraints in the life of those men.

By the way, some men are manipulated. Men think they buy something for themselves but they are just manipulated by their partner. I took the example of the house. Then, there are many purchases that are triggered by the women: swimming pool, customized kitchen, fancy designer furniture, hot tubs, fancy garden.

On top of that, some women encourage to spend a lot of money in expensive trips.

Limitation of freedom

The marriage propagandists make you believe that getting married has no downsides. Many wives limit the freedom of their partner. For example, I remember a wife who didn’t want his husband to play hockey every Friday evenings. I remember that a wife didn’t want his husband to play music in a band.

I found that this phenomenon was more and more common in the last 20 years. There are many spouses who require much more attention than it was before. Those women don’t tolerate their husband to have personal hobbies.

We also noticed that:

  • Some women forbid their husband to see his friends
  • He had to justify himself when he went out on its own
  • She asked him to stop seeing a friend

Here we can see the some predatory wives control the life of their husband.


Since female predators impose their rules on their husband like a dictator, it generates arguments. There are also arguments that are built out of thin air. They aren’t necessary. I noticed that many spouses screamed after each other. This generates unsolicited stress. It does not make sense to share your life with someone who will bring stress in your life.

Unsolicited work

Some female predators use men as servants. For example, a woman dream about living in an old house that requires a makeover. She wants the man to rebuild the house. If she wants a new room, the man has to deliver it. If she wants a garden, the man has to do all the heavy tasks and maintenance of the big garden. If she wants to go to the other side of the country, the man has to plan the trip and bring the woman to the destination. Most of the time, I see men driving women wherever they want.


From my observation, it is not the children who were responsible for the additional work provided by a man in a relationship. The mainstream media, the comedians, the movies make you believe that raising children is related to additional household workload. This is not what I saw. I saw that in many cases, men workload was linked to wife/gf decisions.

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