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The sugar daddy/baby relationship is a scam targetting men

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is a scam. There isn’t a clear agreement between the woman and the man about what she has to give in return for the amount of money he gives to her. Conversely, when a man exchanges money against sex after meeting an escort, the agreement is pretty clear. 

I think that many men are scammed because they sponsor women and get nothing in return or at least too few in return. I asked sugar babies to tell me more about how it works. I discovered that the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship was in fact rinsing. “to rinse” is a verb that sugar babies use when they encourage a man to pay without anything in return. It is like financial domination. Financial domination is a fetish where a man is turned on by giving money to a woman in return for her attention. The goal of the sugar babies today is to rinse a man and do as little as possible in return. When sugar babies meet other sugar babies, they compete with each to know which woman succeeded to make someone give up the highest amount of money. It is very impressive to witness their lack of empathy for men.

Sugar daddism is a game for sugar babies and money are like credits in a video game. 

When the feminist media tackles the subject of sugar daddism they make believe that men abuse young powerless women. However, in practice, it is the other way around.

Sugar babies use manipulation techniques to obtain what they want from men. This practice is called “mind fucking” among the sugar babies. They identify a man’s psychological weakness and use it to get a lot of money.

For example, imagine that a man likes dominant women. The sugar baby will play a very advanced dominant character where she will ask him to go to the ATM and bring her some money in cash if he wants to see her again. Here, the danger looks obvious but there are many different techniques of mind fucking. Some of them are really stealthy.

For example, some of them will tell exactly what the man wants to hear. Some of them pretend to be poor to make the sugar daddy feel sorry and spend money on its own. Some of them pretend to have a chronic disease and it will imply that they need financial help. I use the word “imply” because the sugar baby doesn’t directly ask for money. This is safer to avoid legal proceedings. If a man decides to pay, he will do it on its own so that he can’t accuse a sugar baby of forcing him to pay some money.

Some of the sugar babies pretend to share the same sexual fetish than the man so that he gets addicted to the sugar baby.

The sugar babies use very advanced psychological manipulations and they are dangers to men. This only happens because there aren’t any agreements with clear clauses between the sugar baby and the sugar daddy.

Unfortunately, the sugar babies are so spoiled today, so that this issue can’t be fixed. There is a cultural issue behind this.

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