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The women’s physical requirement for men is unrealistic (in Australia at least)

Dr Mautz and his team from the national academy of Sciences carried out a study on 105 heterosexual Australian women. They were shown a series of digitally generated pictures of men in which three bodily characteristics were varied–height, shoulder-to-waist ratio, and flaccid penis size. The women were asked to rate the men as sexual partners. They found that women preferred men with broad shoulder and a narrow waist which was accountable for 79,6% of attractiveness. the 20,4% left was linked to height & flaccid penis size.

BUT there is a twist…

It appeared that the men with the favorite measurements represent 2,5% of the actual male population. It means that women prefer the body of 2 and half men out of 100. Dr. Mautz was puzzled about the results because he expected height to be a major attractiveness parameter. 

I don’t want to get into hamstering and that’s why I refrain from discussing this study. I already looked into attractiveness studies and I have found that they make no sense. They are too many parameters to take into account. I understood that rather than studying women by isolating parameters it is better to observe the choices of women in the real world. Observe real-life couples and you will get all your answers. 

Two approaches are misleading: 1/ Asking women 2/ studying women by isolating their preference. 

It is better to observe their actions. This is also a red pill approach. When you start looking around, you never see ugly women in a ghetto neighborhood. This is a sign. There are many signs like this one.

Now, I would like to warn you, if you try to be attractive to women, it will be a never ending process. This is going to be a waste of time and money. Also, you will feel bad because whoever you are you will never match with the ideal man that women want. Your penis will never be big enough. You will never be rich enough. The Ideal man is always somebody else according to women. I called this phenomenon the “ghost man” in my Ebook “how women manipulate men”.  The Alpha male is a myth. The Alpha male is always somebody else. 

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