MGTOW advice to men

Those women who encourage their men to get indebted.

We met some women who encouraged their men to spend money. The household debt is also the debt of women. Some women encourage their men to live beyond their means. In 2002, David power research found that women made the accommodation-buying decision in 80% of cases.  There are few researchs that actually highlights the person responsible for buy a real estate. For example, a woman may say: “we should buy a house” and then the man may get in touch with real estate agencies, negotiate and buy a real estate.

Case study

A couple lived in Paris and they rent an apartment. They live 15 minutes away by car from the workplace of the boyfriend. Then, they decided to move to the south of France. At some point, she decided she wanted a house by the sea. Since she didn’t have any income, her man decided to take out a 25-year mortgage. Now, this man has a 25-year mortgage and he lives 50 minutes away from his workplace. Here, you can see what were the consequences of complying to his girlfriend will. This man has to give up his hobbies and stop traveling to pay the mortgage. I know this man very well, he would never have bought such an expensive house far away from his office if he would not have been with this woman. For your information, there are plenty of houses and an apartment 15 minutes away from his actual workplace. 

Our observations

Around me, I have observed men changing their consumption behavior after they got married or committed. They bought services and products they would normally have not bought if there were single. Some people may answer “but maybe they had children”. The children are a good excuse to get indebted. However, those couples buy luxurious products and services that are not linked to the education of the children. For example, you don’t need a BMW X6 or a Range Rover Evoque to go to school. You don’t need a castle if you have 2 children. You don’t need to visit Disneyland in Florida if you live in Oregon, USA. 

Those women don’t ask you to buy a big car, a big house. They tell you a story that will imply that you should act. This is a discreet behavior. Men should be sensitive to any manipulation technique that could lead to major expenses. Those expenses are so big so that they can change their life.

Men should not expect women to care for their finance. Men should be responsible for the management of their own money.

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