Those women who pretend to get seduced by men every day

Some women pretend that every time they go out some men try to seduce them. Unfortunately, women lie too.

It is even less plausible following the #metoo movement. Men don’t want to be sued for sexual harassment. They are very cautious in public places now.

So, every time a woman goes out, she tells you that at the mall, in a shop, in public transport, men come to her and ask her for a date. However, when YOU go out, you never see a man asking a woman for a date. Do you take the metro, the train every day? Do you go to supermarkets? do you see men chatting up women? NEVER. Until now, in my life, if I put apart nightclubs and lounge bars where you expect men to approach women, I never saw a man asking for a date in public transport in the big cities where I lived (Madrid, London, Paris).

I am sad when I see all those men on the internet who believe that women get hundreds of requests every week.

All of that is meant to manipulate men and make them believe that women are precious. The objective of this manipulation is the same as for sexual manipulation. The female manipulators want you to believe that you are in front of very important persons who should be treated like queens. She makes you believe that you compete with many other men. This is the concept of ghost men that I explain in my ebook “how women manipulate men”.

The goal would be to lower your ego to better manipulate you. Then, you would feel that you have to work hard to deserve her.