MGTOW facts

When women manipulate men using sex

The following statements may sound scary but unfortunately, for every statement I have a testimonial

  • To encourage you to have sex to get pregnant. This may sound strange b. We saw the situation where several women in their thirties had a baby rush and wanted to have a baby at any price. Usually, a woman would trap a man by encouraging him to have sex without a condom and cum inside her at the time of the month when she is the most likely to have a baby. I remember this story of this woman who rushed to the bathroom after sex, she took a pipette to collect sperm on her belly. She then did insemination using the pipette. Later, she had a baby and she forced the man to recognize the child.
  • To tell you that you are a sex god. The purpose of this is to encourage you to commit to this woman. She wants you to stay with her. She compliments you for you to feel special. Then, your ego may be very high and you become emotional rather than rational.
  • To tell you that her past man was a sex god. The purpose of this sentence would be to lower your ego to make you feel that you have to work hard to deserve this woman. She wants you to treat her like a princess thinking that she could find a man with a bigger penis and better sexual performance. Usually, a woman will tell you that her past man had a big penis, that he could have sex 5 times a day, that he jerked off lots of cum… Don’t forget this is likely to be a manipulation
  • To deny sex to a man.  She wants to show that you have to work hard to deserve to have sex with her. Usually, this sex denial happens after a man valued her companion a lot. She knows that the man is hooked and will not go somewhere else to have sex. That’s why she is able to deny sex to a man.