MGTOW advice to men

Why should men aged 50+ divorce

I decided to write an article after observing couples aged 50+. I found that female predators kept on being harsh with their husband even if they had good living conditions.

When you are 50+, you are likely to be richer than when you were 20+. 50+ couples likely own their house, get a stable source of revenue compared to couples aged 20+. However, this will never be enough for a female predator.

Men have to understand that those women will never stop pressuring their men to earn more money and spend more money. Those female predators want their husband to be cash cow up to his death.

Also, we saw that 50+ female predators used to ask men to do physical tasks without feeling any empathy for their man. For example, if they had a garden, they wanted their husband to move heavy loads in the garden or chop trees. They could ask their husband to sell their house, and buy a “ruin” that the man had to re build.

The 50+ female predator is also never happy about her living conditions. Even if she is a privileged woman compared to young people who own nothing, she wants more. She is hypergamous.

Man’s health is the problem

Things will worsen as the man gets older because he may lose his physical strength, get a chronic disease. The man will have more and more difficulties to fulfill the expectations of his wife as he will get older.

A relationship where a woman is demanding, can be bearable for a man aged 30 years old.

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