MGTOW advice to men

You have been rejected by a girl? read this

A man should never feel guilty about being rejected by women because All the “dating” pressure is today on men’s shoulders. This issue comes from the western culture. The movies, the TV shows, the pickup artists, the macho guys all encourage men to run after women. Men have to dress well. Men have to find pickup lines. Men have to say things to be appreciated by women. Men have to find conversation topics. Men have to be funny. Men have to be rich. The requirements to date a woman is never-ending. On the other hand, women are not required to do anything special. Women just wait.

People make you believe that the situation is normal for men. No, it is not normal. If women behaved like that since human beings appeared on earth, there would be no humankind today. Today, men spend energy, money and time to get to talk to a woman.

Also, women don’t understand they get older faster than men. We use to say that a woman loses her beauty at 33 years old. So, if she is 28 years old, she may start to lose her beauty soon.

if a woman in her 30’s rejected you, she is the one who loses. She is less and less likely to have a child as she gets closer to 40 years old. At 40 years old, a woman has 5% chance of conceiving a child. On the other hand, male infertility remains low at 3% of the male population in the USA at that age. On top of that, a woman in her thirties is running out of time because her beauty will vanish in the coming years. Then, it will be even more difficult for her to attract men because men can go for a younger woman.

Women don’t understand that they get older faster than men. If a 50-year old man can have a child with a 30-year old woman. A 50 year old woman can’t have a child with a 30-year old man.

For your information, I have noticed something very interesting when I went to Eastern Europe. I have discovered that women aged 30+ became instantly more modest. There were more aware of the consequences of turning 30 than westerners. On the other hand, I have noticed that women in western Europe and the US thought they would be beautiful and fertile their whole life so that they never try to pick up men.

If a woman aged 40+ reject men, it does not make sense at all, since she can’t have a baby anymore.

So, if a woman rejects you, you can tell her, that if she wants to have sex with a man, she has no other options. It is now or never. Be cold hearted and don’t value this woman. Don’t put her on a pedestal. You will be surprised to see that this is how you get respected.

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