The 7 best countries to date women in 2018 for an English speaker

The 7 world best countries to date women in 2017 for an English speaker. I have determined this ranking using the EF proficiency index which shows countries with the highest level of English.

  1. Poland
  2. Sweden
  3. Portugal
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Serbia
  6. Hungary
  7. Argentina

Here are the world best countries to pick up women. I based this list on various criteria: Safety, women’s beauty, Country hospitality, cost of living, the average level of English, women accessibility, mindset. So whether you are looking for a flirt, a girlifriend or a wife, the results below will be useful to you.

1. Poland:

Polish women are underestimated. In Eastern Europe, Poland had the biggest number of English speaking people. Polish women are more respectful with men than Western women on average. It is easy to build up a trust relationship with Polish women because they are honest. It is a country where I have seen any gold diggers, scammers or thieves. This would be a place of choice for men who like blond women.

2. Sweden:

The problem in Sweden is related to the massive male immigration that occurs now and that’s why Sweden ranks 2. Many Swedish women don’t go out anymore and they are in defensive mode. Nevertheless, they are still here. I think that Swedish women are among the nicest in West Europe with the Spanish women.

3. Portugal:

This country is underestimated. First of all, Portuguese women speak and understand better than Spanish women. So, if you go to Portugal you don’t need to learn Portuguese. Then, there are also beautiful brunettes in Portugal who are really open-minded and welcoming.

4. Czech Republic:

Few people know that Czech women speak and understand English quite well today. It is a very good advantage for those who want to go to the Czech Republic and pick up women. Nevertheless, if you go to the Czech Republic, don’t go to tourist places as you may get disappointed.

5. Serbia:

It is the country of choice for men who like brunettes in Europe. You don’t need to learn Serbian and those women are sweet and open-minded.

6. Hungary:

Hungary in central Europe is a place where many young women speak and understand English properly so that you can date a Hungarian without hassle. I have noticed that Hungarian women were very nice to me. I would advise them for a long-term relationship.

7. Argentina:

Few people know that Argentina is the South American country with the highest English proficiency BY FAR. No other countries in South America can be close to the level of English in Argentina. If you don’t speak a word of Spanish, if you want to go to South America to date women, you should go to Argentina.

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