The noFap movement is bad

Health It does not make sense to fight masturbation which is a natural practice. There aren’t any studies saying that stopping masturbation would improve your health condition. Masturbation is as natural as eating. If someone would ask to stop eating for one month, everybody will say that it is not a good idea. I think

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This former female model who wants to marry her dog

You may have heard about the story of a former supermodel from the ’80s who failed to trap a man after 220 failed dating attempts. She is now 49. She now plans to marry her dog. reference: It is very good news. This means that British men don’t accept anymore to financially support women.

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Hommage to Faith Goldy

While I have criticized Faith Goldy, I wanted to balance this last article. <i wanted to fight neo traditionalism using Faith Goldy to convey my ideas. Faith Goldy isn’t a gold digger. This beautiful woman could have been a gold digger, marry a rich Catholic husband and live like a trophy wife. Faith Goldy has

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