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Hommage to Faith Goldy

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While I have criticized Faith Goldy, I wanted to balance this last article. <i wanted to fight neo traditionalism using Faith Goldy to convey my ideas.

Faith Goldy isn’t a gold digger. This beautiful woman could have been a gold digger, marry a rich Catholic husband and live like a trophy wife.

Faith Goldy has decided to empower herself by being pro-gun. This means that this woman does not rely on men to protect herself. She wants to be in charge of her own physical protection. On the other hand, I know women aged 50 years old who still live like children by asking their husband to protect them. In nature, no male spends his life protecting a female. Females know how to protect themselves.

Faith Goldy has real opinions. She is not like women who have no political opinions and let men take the responsibility of facing political issues.

Faith Goldy is not a lazy housewife who spent her afternoon at Walmart. She conveyed her message to the work thanks to the internet. She accepted to be a public figure and she is strong enough to take all the hits and blames related to her opinions. She is a hard worker and she does not want to use a man to reach a better lifestyle.

She could have been a woman of the system just like any female TV presenter with her figure. She would have had a great career on the TV and then, just like any other female TV presenters they would have thrown her out after using her image for many years. Quite interestingly, this looks like what happened with the rebel media; a so-called right-wing media.

The rebel media is not a real conservative medium to me. It is just marketing. There is a demand for a conservative medium on the internet and the rebel media just fulfilled this space to make money out of the conservative audience.

I would not have fired Faith Goldy even if she had flirted with neo-nazis. Am I anti-semitic? no. I went to Israël several times and I have friends in Israël.

Faith Goldy is the pride of the west. However, néotraditionalism among neocons is not good for men.