Those women who crave for the heritage of their husband

We observed a situation lately where some wives desperately wish to get a piece of the heritage of their husband’ parents.

Story of a venal woman about heritage

I remember this story where a father was about to die and a friend of this father met the son for the first time. The said friend was as old as the son. At this point, the wife of the son started to freak out because she thought the said friend could be something else than a friend of the father. She thought that the friend could be an unknown son of the father and that he would ask for his share after the father would die. However, it was speculation.

She thought that she would lose a share of the father’s house sale after death.

It requires some explanation now. Since she was the wife of the dying father’s son, she thought that the heritage would be passed to the son. Then, she considered that everything her husband earns is hers.

Take into account that some female predators evaluate the assets of their husbands to know if they will benefit from the heritage in the future.

When the husband dies

I live in a town where half of the population is retired. Many old retired women are widows because their husband died. After he died I have found that those women bought expensive german cars (mercedes, audio, bmw) even if they didn’t drive a lot. Some of them fly to Africa or the dominican republic to take advantage of male prostitution with the money of their dead husband.

That’s why I use to say that in the future, children will get no heritage anymore.