Should a man react to shaming from a women?

They are many situations where men are shamed by women. This starts at high school and men accept it. You are told that you are not handsome. You are told that you are too selfish. You are told that you don’t do the right thing. A first reaction would be to react to shaming. I think it is useless because by doing so we don’t get anything useful from reacting to shaming.

First of all, I learned to be bulletproof. A woman can shame today and I don’t care. It is more important than answering shaming. It is much more important than reacting to shaming. Then, I think it is important to know what to do next. 

Think about what you have to do next

If it was a friend, it is time to think about how you will stop meeting her. it is time to get back the belongings that you left at her place. You may think about the best way to stay away from this so-called friend which is not a friend. I explain in my ebook “how women manipulate men” that female predators evaluate your limits. So, in the context of a conversation, a female predator may shame you but then she may say that she agrees with you about a subject in a conversation or she may even give you a compliment. Shaming is just not acceptable and you should keep shaming in mind.

If your girlfriend shames you, it is time to think about how you will leave her without being in trouble. For example, you live under the same roof than her, if it is your place it is going to be difficult to kick her out. So, it is important to carefully plan it.

If your wife shames you, it is time to think about a divorce. A divorce requires a lot of planning. The more you wait and the more it is going to be painful. 

If your female boss shames you, it is time to find another position or another job.

I am not aware of any situations where a man was shamed by a woman and when the situation improved after he talked to the female predator. Negotiation isn’t possible with a female predator.