Men become money providers of women

Back in February 2018, I wrote an article about the Russian gold digger ideology. Then, in 2018, I saw that women in the Western world also took advantage of this ideology. For example, the female youtuber Georgia Free legitimated hypergamy as being a natural behavior of women to raise their offspring. This implied that men’s role on earth is to provide money to women.

In the nineties, I vividly remember that women in the USA and Europe wanted to be financially independent. Now, it is like some women understood that It was easier to take advantage of a man’s money rather than working on their own. I am surprised to see that somen young women are aware of this very early in their life. I vividly remember that when I was a teen in the 90’s, I had no expenses related to women. In fact, none of my male friends faced this issue. Women didn’t expect us to make gifts, to go on vacation far away. We didn’t have this pressure and that’s why many men decided to marry at that time. 

Today, some female predators want men to pay their dreams. They want men to pay their car, their vacation, their lifestyle. This behavior became normal. It is accepted in society. For example, if a woman is nice, polite and if she is good looking, people will accept that she rinses her boyfriend or her husband.

For example, a woman asked her boyfriend to earn 5000 euros ($5700) per month to be his housewife.  Since the boyfriend could not get this amount of money she left him. This woman was French. She wasn’t a Latin American or Russian gold digger. She was 42 years old at the time. She was not the sophisticated gold digger we see in people’s magazine. However, as I use to repeat those women are the most dangerous ones. 

Crazy expenses aren’t challenged anymore

For example, when I hear that a man has bought a woman for a woman, it is now normal. When I hear that a woman asked her boyfriend to buy a house by the ocean which required a 30-year term mortgage, it is normal. The parents of the lady or the man will not challenge those expenses. Maybe some friends will pinpoint that that’s a lot of commitment or money but most of the people will not challenge those expenses. 

When I shared my point of view about some consequences of women’s desire for heavy household expenses, I had interesting feedback from other women. Some women told me: “It is not of our business”. When a woman wants to travel 4 times a year. Women told me: “she wants to live”. Thinking about it, It is pure hamstering. It means that today, we should let men get indebted. It is “normal” in this society. Then, if the man faces a health issue or if he loses his job, this is bad luck. Noone will say that women expectations are crazy nowadays. Noone has empathy for the financial health of men today. Some people in our societies want men to be financial providers of women and no-one should challenge this idea. In fact, it is like legitimating a new form of slavery.