Requirements for true gender equality

In today’s world, gender equality is a topic of great importance and relevance. While progress has been made in many areas, there are still some domains where women are underrepresented. Here are seven areas where women should be equally involved as men to achieve true gender equality:

  1. Women should take care of utilities at home

Women should take care of all the appliances in the house. They should ensure that there are no problems with the home electrical system, central heating, A/C, plumbing, etc. If there are any issues, they should be able to fix them or call a professional and follow up on it.

  1. Women should do their share of work for house maintenance

A woman should do the house maintenance, such as repainting a wall, changing a lightbulb, fixing the Wifi, cleaning gutters and downspouts, getting the Air Conditioning system serviced, etc.

  1. Women should represent 50% of manual workers

50% of construction workers, waste collectors, plumbers, electricians, road maintenance workers, and many more should be women.

  1. Women should represent 50% of the army.

Men should not be the only ones dying for their country.

  1. Women should represent 50% of the police

In order to achieve real gender equality, it would be important that women be as involved in law enforcement as men in our society.

  1. Women should represent 50% of Information technology workforce
  2. Women should represent 50% of engineering workforce