Women Who Cannot Handle Criticism

We have observed that some women may choose to remove a man from their Facebook friends list or block him after he makes a comment to her. Upon investigating the matter, it was found that most of the time, such extreme behavior from the woman in question was not justified.

For instance, a man may have commented on a woman’s weight gain or pointed out something she did wrong. Generally, men are very kind to women. However, there is a new generation of women who do not accept criticism or being challenged in any way. They cannot handle even the smallest critique. The situation has become so dire that men have to prepare a woman before saying anything negative.

For example, a man might say, “I don’t want to judge you, but your teeth are yellow.” This man thought he was helping the female YouTuber he was talking to. However, she responded with something like, “How dare you talk to me like that? You don’t respect my health condition.”

This is a clear double standard. Many women do not accept criticism, but they can be very tough on men. Men are often called jerks, ugly, or stupid by women, and this behavior is considered normal by many.

Returning to the topic of women, these women are very sensitive to criticism. Men should not feel guilty if a woman gets upset about his behavior during a discussion. If she overreacts, that is her problem.

Interestingly, women’s magazines often advocate for “communication” as the best way to solve social problems. Women are said to be better at communicating than men, while men are often portrayed as violent and bad at compromising.

When I was younger, I made the mistake of asking my female relatives for advice on how to handle an issue with a woman I knew. Their response was always the same: “Did you talk to her? Go talk to her.” However, many women ignored me and refused to talk to me after I sent them a text message, email, or Facebook message.

My message to men is this: step back and don’t get involved. Don’t feel bad if a woman rejects you. Don’t value women too highly. Don’t try to change them, because you can’t. Don’t feel guilty about your past actions. You likely did everything in your power to communicate during dating or conversation. Focus on the future and your own life.

None of my male friends have ever called a girlfriend or female friend a slut or a bitch. None of them have ever called a woman names during a conversation. Today, women are treated like princesses, while men are treated like slaves.

The system today wants men to feel guilty for all their actions. For example, if a man talks to a woman and she slaps him in the face, he is made to feel guilty for what he said. However, he is the victim because a woman slapped him.

In another example, a man told a woman that she wasn’t nice, and she removed him from her Facebook friends list. People want the man to feel guilty for what he said, but he is the victim because he was removed from her friends list.