Men, beware of toxic marriage

I’m going to describe toxic relationships that marriage helped to develop. Marriage acted as the psychological bonds that strengthen these situations. It explains why men accept unfavorable relationships.


I’ve observed numerous couples where female partners encourage their husbands to live beyond their means.

Let me explain. I’ve known several men quite well; I was familiar with their personalities before marriage, their likes and dislikes. However, after tying the knot, they began spending money on things they previously had no interest in. Upon further investigation, I realized these expenses were influenced by their spouses or partners. Housing typically represents the largest expense for households in the Western world. Surveys have shown that women often have the final say in home purchases. These ‘female predators’ push for the acquisition of overpriced or unsuitable homes relative to household income.

For instance, one man was initially against taking out a mortgage and preferred renting, yet he ended up purchasing an overpriced house near the ocean, where property values are highest. Now, he’s saddled with a mortgage for the next 25 years.

Another man, who disliked swimming, found himself with an expensive $25,000 swimming pool in his backyard.

These men are heavily influenced by their wives or girlfriends, taking out loans and mortgages that impact their lives for years. These women impose constraints on their partners’ lives, with none of these expenses benefiting the children; they’re simply indulgences for a spoiled female partner.

Furthermore, some men are manipulated into believing they’re making personal purchases, when in reality, they’re being influenced by their partners. Take the example of housing. Beyond that, women often encourage spending on other items such as swimming pools, customized kitchens, designer furniture, hot tubs, elaborate gardens, and verandas.

Additionally, some women advocate for splurging on expensive trips.

Limitation of freedom

The proponents of marriage lead you to believe that tying the knot has no downsides. However, many wives restrict their partners’ freedom. For instance, I recall one wife who prohibited her husband from playing hockey every Friday evening, and another who disapproved of her husband playing music in a band.

I’ve noticed that this phenomenon has become increasingly common over the last 20 years. Many spouses now demand much more attention than ever before, and these women often refuse to tolerate their husbands having personal hobbies.


  • Some women forbid their husbands from seeing their friends.
  • Husbands are required to justify themselves when they go out alone.
  • Wives often disapprove of their husbands spending too much time on their hobbies, believing that they should be the top priority.

It’s clear that some controlling wives exert a significant level of influence over their husbands’ lives.


Since female predators impose their rules on their husbands like dictators, it generates arguments. There are also arguments that are built out of thin air. When I see a wife screaming at her husband, it is unnecessary. This generates unsolicited stress. It does not make sense to share your life with someone who will bring stress into your life. In the end, the husband is a masochist if he does not decide to divorce.

Unsolicited work

Some female predators use men as servants. For example, a woman dreams of living in an old house that requires a makeover. She wants the man to rebuild the house. If she wants a new room, the man has to deliver it. If she wants a garden, the man has to do all the heavy tasks and maintenance of the large garden. If she wants to go to the other side of the country, the man has to plan the trip and transport the woman to the destination. Most of the time, I see men driving women wherever they want.


From my observation, it is not the presence of children that is responsible for the additional workload imposed on men in a relationship. The mainstream media, comedians, and movies make you believe that raising children is the cause of additional household chores.

In many cases, men’s workload is directly linked to decisions made by their wives or girlfriends.

I think about the situation where a woman asked to build a swimming pool in the garden, to build hut, to expend the house with a new room, to travel by car to the other side of the country…