Bianco footwear video ad – dangerous feminism

If you are a man and if you want to buy Bianco shoes, don’t forget that the Bianco brand is a feminist brand. Be aware that if you buy Bianco shoes, you fuel toxic feminism.

The advertisement shows several women assaulting men, their property or their business. A woman throws a mug to the face of her boss. A woman jumps on a car’s hood of a man. Another woman breaks the window of a meeting room.

In this advertisement, the Bianco footwear brand states that equal pay is not enough and that women should be better paid than men. This is toxic feminism at its best. This feminism does not want equality of men and women. It is a totalitarian ideal where women would have a higher status than men.

The video also implies that it is ok for women to physically assault men.

Question to you: What would think if in an ad, a man threw a cup of coffee at a woman’s head or jump on the car’s hood of a woman?