How to pick-up a woman surrounded by other people?

special blond If you find a beautiful woman and if she is surrounded by several people, it is always difficult to approach her. I know that many times those people (men or women, it is the same) act as barriers or chaperon.

Just wait that she leaves this group of people to go to the bathroom. You will talk to her on the way to the bathroom. My business card technique perfectly suits this situation. If she is surrounded by people, it means she stays with those people, and she has no time for other people. So using the business card technique allows you to be fast without putting you in trouble. The idea would be to give your contact details to her and leave.

Most of the time pickup artists encourage you to talk to women in pubs, lounge bars or nightclubs. However, in the vast majority of the cases, the most beautiful women are surrounded by other people. In the logic of the pickup artists, they would encourage you to talk to her and get in the group of people. However, you aren’t interested in talking to other people, and it is not interesting to do it. You have to talk to her in a one-to-one situation. That’s what would maximize your chances of success. It is not possible when a woman is busy with friends, family members, co-workers. That’s why the best solution would be to leave your contact details and wait for feedback.