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Alexander Grace, shaming women does not work

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Alexander Grace stated that when a woman takes advantage of a man we should shame her. I disagree. It is the wrong approach. Men don’t need to waste their time to educate women. Men should stop rendering services to women.

For example, in the situation where a woman uses a man because he has a car so that he can bring her wherever she wants, the man could shame the woman saying that she takes advantage of him and use him as a chauffeur. However, the woman may not react and the situation may continue as long as the man accepts to be the slave of the woman. I saw numerous situations where a woman was shamed and she did stop exploiting men.

On the other hand, the man can stop rendering services to a woman and the issue is solved. I think that it would be the best lesson for the woman.

Men should understand they would get nothing in return after rendering services to a woman. If they wish to have sex with a woman, they should ask for sex and then it is a different topic.