All the tricks that women use on social media to look beautiful on picture

Some women are today masters of Photoshop & image editing. The Internet gave them the opportunity to manipulate men using techniques to look better on a picture. On the other hand, 50 years ago, it was not possible because there was no image edition. It is important for men to be aware of the techniques and more importantly to adjust themselves to those many profiles where reality has been tremendously twisted.

Photo techniques:

  • Camera position: With the right position of a camera, a woman can make you believe that her breasts are bigger than it is in real life, she can also hide that they are overweight. They can make you believe they are tall when they are short. She can make you believe that she is curvy when she is not curvy.
  • Photo overexposure: It helps to get read of bad skin complexion or gives the impression that she is younger.
  • Hiding a part of the face: It helps to hide a face shape defect that a woman is aware of.
  • Staged pictures: On some social media profiles, you can see that someone doesn’t post any pictures that have been taken in public. So, they can manipulate the viewers by solely posting staged pictures that have been prepared to always look good on every single picture.
  • Advanced makeup: Real makeup allowing face transformation require 30 minutes to 1 hour of preparation. This is not possible for many women to use those makeup but once they take a picture with those special makeup they will look good forever on a picture.
  • High Heels: It helped to make the body look curvier. The bottom looks rounder and the breasts perkier.
  • Beautification apps: Just like the picture on this article.


  • Most of the time, don’t add a woman that you never saw to your Facebook.
  • Only trust unstaged pictures where you see a woman from head to toes. This piece of advice is very important. On one picture, you should at least see her shoes and the top of her head. You will discover that unstaged public pictures or public pictures with women from head to toes are way rarer than you think.
  • Don’t give importance to a Facebook profile of a woman that you have never seen before; especially if she has only staged pictures on her timeline.
  • In real life, what you see is what you get. In the virtual world, what you see is just a partial version or a distorted version of reality.