Avoid a girlfriend who wants to be a youtuber

Youtube videos claim that any women can live on making videos like ASMR videos, doing make-up tutorials…

In reality, jobs like being a YouTuber often can’t provide a full salary for a woman, and this can turn into a nightmare for the boyfriend or husband who shares his life with her. After committing to such a woman, he may discover that he has to financially support her because she will likely never earn a full salary from making videos on YouTube.

Mathias Bärtl, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences found that 96,5% of Youtubers don’t make enough advertising money to crack off the US poverty line (a yearly $12,100 for a single person) reference. Out of 100 female YouTubers, only 3 are able to earn more than $12,100 on a yearly basis. This is less than $900 per month. it is way less than the US median personal income of women aged 25+ years old which was roughly $33,000 (around $2750) in 2016 (Personal income in the US Wikipedia).

Then, several Youtube creators use patreon.com as an alternative source of income. According to several sources, we found that only 2% of patreon.com creators earn more than the minimum US wage. (reference)

Female YouTubers usually don’t make as much money as they would with a regular job, so it’s hard to consider it a real job. Plus, when a woman starts out on YouTube, she won’t make much money at first, especially compared to those who have been on the platform for years.

Some female predators have a sneaky technique. First, they convince men that they can make money from YouTube videos. Then, they quickly get pregnant so the father can’t leave. Since they usually work from home, taking care of a child while doing their “job” is convenient. However, they’ll likely earn much less money than a real job, even when the child gets older and they could enter the workforce. If they’re married, they could divorce at any time and take half of the assets their husband has accumulated over the years.