How (not) to pick up women in Spain?

Rebecca Linares

Back in 2007, I lived in Madrid, Spain. At that time, I was brainwashed by the media about Spain. I thought that I had to go out by night to pick up women. I thought Spanish women used to party all the time.

I was wrong and I wasted my time going to every single nightclubs and lounge bars of Madrid. It took me one year to understand that I had to pick up women in the day and not in the night.

Avoid nightclubs and lounge bars:

Everywhere I went by night there were always 80 to 90% of men for 20 to 10% of women. It took me a while to understand that there was a big number of women who didn’t go out. I had difficulties to understand it because I have talked about this issue to my Spanish flatmate and he didn’t know either. Women went out somewhere and I wasn’t aware of it. I went out to dozens of nightclubs and lounge bars in Madrid. Later on, I have discovered the issue was the same in every Spanish city.

In fact, I discovered it was useless to go out to Nightclubs and lounge bars in Spain. In Madrid, I always saw the most beautiful women in the day. I have had the same experience in every Spanish city. Once, in Castellon de Plana back in 2015 a funny thing happened to me. I went out on a Thursday evening and the only beautiful women that I have seen in the city center of Castellon de Plana were Swedish women coming out from a bar. There were few young Spanish women even if this town has a big university.

Pick up Spanish women in the day:

I have understood I had to pick up women in the day.  At that time, I have incredibly neglected shopping centers (El Corte inglès…), clothing shops, supermarkets, and semi-private places. I should have subscribed to a Zumba or salsa class which would have helped me to get into networks of people. It is difficult for men who want to stay one weekend in Spain and have a one night stand.

In fact, in order to pick up Spanish women, you have to be active in the day from 10h00 in the morning to late afternoon rather than waiting for the late afternoon to be active. After 7 pm, it is too late to pick up a woman in Spain.

Forget Tinder

The most beautiful Spanish women don’t use any dating websites. They don’t need it. The best way to pick up women would be in person. The women that you find on Tinder are often the women that are shy or psychologically twisted.

My useful Ebook:

After doing many mistakes, I wrote a book about dating women in Spain because I still think that Spanish women are among the best for dating and sex. I succeeded to pick up Spanish women in surprising places (a hairdresser school for instance). I also wrote a list of day pick-up places where you can find the most beautiful and interesting women in Spain. I wrote the following book thinking about the places in Spanish cities where I had the biggest number of interactions with attractive Spanish women.

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