Women vs female chimps asking for male protection

Numerous times in my life, I have heard women who expected their husband or boyfriend to defend their family. Those women wanted the man to be the soldier of the family. He had to protect the children and his woman. 

I have observed mammals and I found there aren’t any species with such a behavior. In the animal reign, female mammals are the first to protect their offspring. Males can help from time to time depending on the species but there is no situation where the male defends everyone. Usually, men are more territorial than anything else. They may attack someone when this person enters his area. Meanwhile, that’s the female who attacks an intruder when he approaches his baby. 

Own defense

I have noticed that female chimpanzees didn’t ask the males for protection. She also does not ask the community to protect her. she tends to protect herself on her own. This is something that is obvious among all mammals. Meanwhile, many women want to be defended by their man, by the society (this means the whole community) and by the legal framework.

On the other hands, female chimps can attack people and leave serious injuries.

Infant defense

Looking at the chimpanzees there are numerous observations of female chimpanzees acting to protect their offspring from dangers inside the group and outside the group. On the other hand, I have noticed that many women ask men to come with them if they think there is a danger. they ask men all the time to protect their lives and their children. They ask the men to protect the children too. If he does not comply, he is told that he is not a real man. However, in the animal reign, female chimpanzees are less dependent on males to protect infants.

In the human kind, male humans are asked to protect all the females. It is paradoxical when on one hand some women want to be protected and on the other hand, they want gender equality.