Should you date committed / married women?

This topic has always been controversial, but it is less a moral issue than we think. In my experience, I discovered that there was a different level of women “commitment” towards their boyfriend and even their husband. The context is very important to know if the commitment is serious or not. For instance, I remember meeting an Australian woman in London who had a boyfriend in Australia. She was 25 years old at the time and she flirted with me. When she came to London, she planned to stay and work there for 2 years. The flight duration is 21 hours from Sydney to London. How is it possible to maintain a relationship when you live so far away from your boyfriend? That kind of distant relationship does not work. In this case, the boyfriend was more like an asset to value in public. I have noticed many that women like to show they were committed even if their relationship didn’t look as a relationship.

For example, a woman may continuously criticize her boyfriend. However, if you do nothing this particular woman will not leave her boyfriend. In this scenario, if we follow this reasoning, you will act well, if you go out with this particular woman.

Let me give you another example. I remember I met a woman who was able to see her boyfriend on weekends only or every 15 days. She never talked about her boyfriend.

There are many situations like those where the commitment is often not as strong as we may think. I don’t know why but I noticed there are many couples where the boundaries between the lovers are not so serious.

Being committed, a good image in society

It was like women used the relationship to get a good image in society. It was like being a single was a bad thing. It is useless to blame those women for their choice. In fact, I noticed the “committed” women were often the most attractive and the nicest. It makes sense. An empathetic and ugly woman is less likely to date any men. Being involved in a relationship is also a kind of endorsement. It means a man endorsed a woman.

If a woman decides to cheat on her boyfriend or her husband, she is fully responsible for her decisions. You are not responsible for anything. After choosing you, you just have to say also yes to get into this relationship.

I remember I met a married woman who still was looking for a relationship while she was already married. I think it shows that many marriages are not based on love but something else.

Relationships aren’t always serious

In my opinion, 60% of the girlfriend-boyfriends couples are not so serious. For sure legal couples are more serious but I think there are 30% of those couples that are not so serious.

You have to be cautious in few cases. If her boyfriend is not stable psychologically, if he has a gun and if he lives in the same area than you, don’t try anything. I know it because I have been in this situation where I have seen that a committed woman teased me. On the other hand, her boyfriend had a gun since he was a policeman and lived at 1km from my place. In this case, it was useless to take risks. There are lots of women in the world, it is useless to focus on one and take unacceptable risks. It happened only once in my life after 15 years of dating and seduction experience.

On the other hand, if the boyfriend lives in another country, in a distant region, there are no barriers to stop you and pick up a committed woman. It is sad to say that it is the same for a married woman. If she is married to a man she never sees, nothing stops you to date her.

Marital relationships are over-valued:

Plus, not all the marriages are based on a big love between two people. For instance, a woman may have chosen a man because she wanted to have a baby at one point of her life, rather than for love. I have found several wedding reasons that are not related to love. Weddings are sacred but in real life, weddings aren’t a sacred thing. You may also be interested to know that in the UK:

  • It is expected than 42% of marriages will end up in divorce in the UK
  • women were granted 65% of all divorces (reference)

I guess it is not very different in the USA. It means that nothing is written in the rock for life.

My advice

Let me tell you something important. If you decide not to go out with a committed woman that you deeply desire, you will have regrets for your entire life. It is my case, I had great opportunities of married and committed women by the past. I missed opportunities with some committed women. Life does not give a second chance. Once you get older, those opportunities are lost forever. As you get older, you have less and fewer opportunities. If you miss opportunities, you only keep souvenirs and frustration in mind. Life is too short as a healthy attractive man. Think about it. When things are gone they are gone forever.