Don’t become a slave of women – a chaperone

locked man

The chaperone:

A chaperone is a man who is a mix of a bodyguard and a decor. Women use him to show they are accompanied by a man. He is just a male accessory for going to out to social events like dinners, restaurant, lounge bars and nightclub.

It is essential you not to become a chaperone. You may have lots of constraints like being forced drive back your female friends or working as a body guard without getting any benefits like sex.

Being a chaperone is something very normal in the West. Men are brainwashed and programmed to take care of women all the time. They have to invite them. They have to drive them where they want. When we think about a “good Samaritan,” we think about a man; not a woman.

I am not going to blame the guys who are a chaperone. Today, it is a traditional role for many men. It is important to be aware that some women may use men because they don’t want to go out on their own. They use a chaperone¬†for their social image.

Don’t forget that if you are interested in a woman, you should not become a chaperon or even a friend but you should become a sex partner.