Why Brazil is not the best latin american destination to pick up women

brazil flagFirst of all, I want to say; I raise this question for people who wonder which South American destination is the best to pick up women. On the other hand, if I had to choose between a trip to “Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, NYC” on the one hand, and a trip to Brazil, on the other hand, I would choose Brazil without a doubt.

1. Brazil crime rate rose up in the last ten years. There are lots of places that are not secure for a person who doesn’t speak Portuguese and who is white. Things changed so much those last ten years so that it is safer to go to Columbia than visiting Brazil.

2. Brazilian women beauty is overrated. For instance, genetically, there are many Indian women who are not as blessed as the European and American women. In towns from the Amazon forest, women beauty is not appealing.

3. Portuguese is a language that is not vehicular. If you learn Spanish, you will have the opportunity to use it in many more countries in South America and Central America than Portuguese. It is worth learning Spanish rather than learning Portuguese as Spanish is a good investment for visiting many countries like Argentina, Chile, Costa Risa, Uruguay, Spain. I met many Brazilian women who didn’t speak ANY foreign language. Btw, don’t expect Brazilian women even to speak Spanish.

4. The big Brazilian cities are crowded and suffer from traffic jams. It can be very annoying when you want to move from one place to another. Then, Cities with less crowd are also less interesting.

5. Brazilian women are welcoming and nice, but it may be a trap. They may introduce you to their family very quickly. In fact, they may try to become your wife after two days.

6. Prices in Brazil went up those last five years, and it is not as interesting as it was before.