Financially independent women are the best for relationship and marriage.

Let’s be clear; marriage is only worth it if you marry a woman who earns as much as you or more because if a divorce takes place one day, you get back the money you have poured into the couple. For sure, I am against signing wedding agreements, nevertheless, it is less bad if a woman earns as much as you do.

This only happens if you marry a woman who is financially independent. That’s why I am for gender equality. Men should not be the only ones who work hard for the household. According to my observation, when a woman earns as much as a husband or boyfriend, there is way less financial pressure on his shoulders than when a woman does not work or earns less than him. This statement looks obvious, but it is not. There is a trick! 

The fact that women didn’t work didn’t mean they didn’t have high expectations in terms of lifestyle. I have noticed that women who didn’t work or earned less than their husband had more expectations that women with a good income. Still, many men are ready to marry unemployed women, they should think about marrying women who earn good money from a stable job position! In my life, I have noticed that the number one problem in couples was related to money and wives who turned to be heavy spenders. I know there are other issues related to male bashing for instance but money is a major one.

Also, financially independent women know the value of money. They know how it is difficult to earn money on a daily basis. I have met these great women in my life and I think that men don’t give enough importance to them yet. Men should stop marrying unemployed women.

I am willing to know your opinions in the comments.