How obvious gold diggers are useful to stealthy gold diggers

Some women may tell you that the obvious gold diggers are the dangers. Nevertheless, are those women from the first group respectful with your finance? Be cautious because the real gold digger may stand by your side.

The obvious gold diggers are easy to spot. They wear high heels. They have expensive bags and perfume. They like to die their hair. They wear fit dresses when they can do it. It is easy to identify an obvious gold digger. Meanwhile, the stealthy gold diggers may ask her man to go to a ski resort. However, it may spend all his saving account.

The stealthy gold digger criticizes obvious gold digger for a reason. She wants to divert the spotlight away from her demands and manipulate you to focus on the obvious gold digger only. Then, you think that the danger comes from the obvious gold digger but in your case, the danger comes from the closest woman.

The said man is manipulated. He thinks he is lucky not to be with an obvious gold digger but he may spend a lot of money for his stealthy gold digger without being aware of it or being partially aware that he spends a lot of money. The job of the stealthy gold digger will be to make him believe that all those expenses are okay. She will make him believe that everyone lives like that. For instance, she will make him believe it is ok to take out a 30-year term mortgage loan.

I do think there is a small number of obvious gold diggers in the female population. There is an overrepresentation of obvious gold diggers on the TV. It is not representative of the female population. Then, if I had to quantify the number of stealthy gold diggers, I would say there are more than the obvious gold diggers. Then, I would need to know how people organize their expenses and it is difficult to know.