How to choose a dating place?

Most of the time, I found myself in a difficult situation each time I decided to follow a woman at a place of her choice. I remember going to a night club called Fabrik (London) with a 100 meters queue in London. I also remember going several times to a pub and drinking a pint in 10 minutes before the pub closed. I remember walking for hours to arrive in front of a closed bar. I remember going to crappy restaurants. That was the result of following women.
You have to impose the place and the dating time. The goal is to avoid the uncertainty that could ruin all your efforts.

The dating place configuration:

First, I always avoid giant clubs. The dating place must be in compliance with the proximity rule. If you go to a place where your date is far away from you, there will be no way to approach her when you want to touch her.

It is crucial to find a place where there is a potential limited eye contact with other customers. Smooth lights are advised. Choose a place where other customers and owners cannot listen to your conversation. Find a place where you can have an intimate moment with her.

When you pick up a woman, you must be able to touch her. We don’t have the same relationship with someone who is 30 cm away and someone who is 1 meter away. You have to find these places with small tables, smooth light, and few people. You MUST find several places like that in every town or city you visit so that you are always ready to have a date. The worst case scenario is when a stunning woman is hanging out with you and when you don’t know where to go.

The Isolation rule:

You have to find a place where she can’t meet anybody she knows and where there are no parasites. A busy pub is not the right place. If there is nobody else to talk to in the bar, she will focus her attention on you. Once again, the seating configuration is very important. For your information, When a woman starts to talk with everybody around, it does not mean you don’t succeed in catching her attention. It means the place is not a good dating place.

A place where you have time to talk to her:

It is useless to date a woman in a bar at 11 pm if the bar closes at 11h30 pm. It is even worst to stop your running process of picking up a woman. Always know exactly when a bar or club will close.

Think about the aftermath:

Also, it is important to be close to her accommodation or your accommodation. By the way, you can have booked a hotel room to be closer to your dating place, and it makes sense. On the other hand, if you are 1-hour drive from your place and her place, the date is a waste of time. Women are patient. If they want sex, they want it right now.

I wrote an ebook about dating women. It is called the generic guide to dating women and this article is part of this guide under the form of a step during dating.