How to choose your destination to pick up women abroad?

Time zone

First of all, take the geography into consideration. If you live in the USA, you live in a time zone that is closed to those in central and Latin America. On the other hand, the time difference between Los Angeles and Malaga in Spain is 9 hours. You will be tired if you fly from Los Angeles to Malaga, Spain. On the other hand, the time difference between Los Angeles and Caracas Venezuela is only 4 hours.

Flight duration

On the internet, people make you believe that it is easy to travel everywhere on earth. However, in practice, there are constraints. losing 2 days because of 2 days of flight to reach your destination is a major problem. It is better to consider destinations that are the closest to you.

A German example:

I have met many German men who decided to fly to Argentina or Brazil because they were into those types of women. However. Berlin to Rio de Janeiro is a 14 hours flight. Berlin to Buenos Aires is a 16 hours flight. On the other hand, Berlin to Bucharest is a 2 hours flight only and it is always a direct flight. All the Eastern European destinations are no more than 3 hours from Berlin. The media in Europe talks more about the beauty of South American women than Eastern European women. Few men know that there are Romanian women who look like curvy latinas. In fact, there are more brunette women in Romania than in Argentina. When I hear about European men who go to Brazil or Argentina, It means they have lost 2 days flying. Then, they will suffer from jet lag. In other words, I encourage men to be rational and do the math. For German men, East Europe is a rational destination. A return flight to Bucharest costs 244 euros, a return flight to Rio de Janeiro costs 702 euros.

Local cost of life

Some people may tell you that Norway and Denmark are packed with hot women. Meanwhile, those two countries are among the most expensive in Europe. If the local prices are too high, it is not worth spending a lot of money for no guaranteed results. In fact, when you fly to Oslo or Copenhagen after you have found a shelter, you are at point zero. you now have to go out and perhaps invite a woman to a coffee shop or a restaurant. It is not a question of whether you are rich or not. Since you aren’t at home, you will have to spend money in an accommodation and in local food. Then, on top of that, you will have to spend money to date local women. That’s why it is interesting to prefer cheap countries because you can afford many more things.

My example: Copenhagen:

I had a good feedback with Danish girls. However, I was shocked about the local prices (check and you will understand by comparing Copenhagen to another city like Saint Petersburg, Russia). The little restaurants were pricey. They could be very pricey. So, I understood that if I started to date local women, It would really be painful. At the end, I told myself: “why focusing on Denmark?”. There are no reasons to focus on Denmark. Europe has many other options to give at less than 3 hours flight from Copenhagen. This is another thing that I don’t like about the other pickup artists who talk about global dating. None of them discuss local prices. For your information, I have spent in one week in Copenhagen, what I have spent in one month in Tallinn in Estonia.

English level

There is a huge difference between countries in terms of English proficiency. Ukraine is the country where there is the smallest number of English speakers. In other words, if you fly to Ukraine without learning Russian or Ukrainian, you are going to miss most of the opportunities because most of the most interesting women will not be able to communicate with you. On the other hand, if you fly to Poland, you don’t need to learn Polish because every Polish woman speak english.