How to fight positive discrimination against men in your company

Many feminists want companies to implement positive discrimination by favouring women rather than men during the hiring process. They also want to favour women at work just because they are women.

If you see such a behaviour in your company you have to fight hard to prevent it from worsening. if the VPs of management board consider that positive discrimination is legitimate, it means men are considered to be a second-class employee in your company.

Here how you can prevent yourself to become a second-class employee and ultimately be fired.

  • Don’t share all your expertise about your field, otherwise, they will not need you anymore.
  • Stay in touch with an attorney before it gets really bad. It is worth it to pay an attorney to know your rights and know whether your company discriminate men. If you are employed, the attorney is the best weapon. Prepare your case and get knowledgeable about the legislation. If you are a contracting party, look into your contract.
  • Stay calm. Don’t write an email like the “google echo chamber” written by James Damore and sent to several co-workers. You can’t change a company when you aren’t a VP. The Damore technique was suicidal. By sending a letter to as many people as possible, the HR dept. presented him as a threat of the feminist system and took him down.
  • It is useless to share your frustrations with your co-workers because they can’t do anything for you.
  • Consider interacting with an HR dept. representative using diplomacy.
  • If you are in danger, show that you are necessary to the company.
  • Stop working too much and slow down the pace of the workload.
  • Don’t work for free.
  • Keep evidence of your good work and your contribution to the company.

Don’t let feminism taking hold in your company. This may start with a very small thing and turn into a nasty thing later on.

If you are a contractor, you may think that you do not have a lot of flexibility. Keep in mind that if they decide to replace you with a woman, they will not ask your permission anyways. So, at some point, you must understand that your contract may end any time. Then, you should look for another contract. Meanwhile, you can escalate and talk to a person who can really make the decision to keep you. You will have to approach the decision makers and defend your case. You will have to be as gentle as possible when doing it. If James Damore would have talked to a senior executive of Google, he would not have lost his job.