How to identify that a woman is a female predator?

Male bashing:

Laina, the overly attached girlfriend on Yotube

They use to criticize relatives or yourself for free. Male bashing may appear in various forms. She may depreciate your skills, your appearance, your behavior. They depreciation is one of the most common things. For instance, they will say that you don’t know to express yourself, that you are not funny, that you should stop behaving like a child…

Paradoxical behavior:

At 8 pm, she told you she wants to go to a bar in West London. You start driving to west London from Luton. Then, at 8:20 pm, she wants to go to a bar in East London. Staying with this kind of person is exhausting as it is a big source of problems. You may spend lots of time and money with those types of women.

Lunatic behavior:

One day she is happy and the next day she is angry with you for no reasons. Periods are not responsible for several peaks of anger in a month. In fact, nothing (even period) justifies anger and violence against a man when you did nothing to initiate this situation.

She is asocial:

She spends friday evenings and saturday evenings in front of the computer on MSN. I met several of that kind of woman. It is easy to see that something is going wrong when you see them connecting on friday evening and saturday evening. By the way, some MSN and yahoo clients offer logs and tell you when a particular person came online. In my opinion, it is not normal a young woman to be online every single fridays and saturdays of the month.

Last words:

Don’t forget, it is not possible to change women personality but it is easier to stay away from it. Your priority should be to stay away from psychotic women. Even if you can’t do it right now. Your priority should be to have a future where you will leave away from this psychotic woman.

Psychotic women may look normal. They may not scream all the time. However, may match with the ideas of this article and in this case, the behavior of this woman may not be acceptable.