How to pick up women in hostels?

generator hostel parisFirst, you have to start by searching a hostel at

Hostels are a good pick-up place as they welcome a continuous flow of female tourists throughout the year.

Hostelworld allows you to find a hostel by category and facilities. First of all, avoid all public youth hostels, prefer private hostels. Public youth hostels attract young classes.

You have to select a hostel with a bar. In the major cities like London, you will never seduce a woman in a public place. You are a total stranger, and you don’t have enough time to get in contact with local women. It is better to pick up a woman in a hostel. The most important would be to book a single room in a hostel. The goal is to help her to get rid of the inhibition at the bar, and go straight to your single room with your protegée. Unfortunately, there are few hostels with both single rooms and a bar. A hostel has good sides and downsides. There are a lot of women coming in and sleeping at the hostel. On the other hand, if you sleep in a dorm room, you have no intimacy. This is especially a problem when there are three men for one woman in a dorm room.  You can also book several beds in a room so that you would prevent anybody to come in. Sometimes, this option is cheaper than booking a single room. Once you have a private area, you can do whatever you want.

To find the best pick-up place, try to avoid hostels that are full of “families.” Plus, Hostels that are far away from city centers are not visited by female tourists. Female tourists like to sleep close to shops.

There is also an alternative to seducing a woman inside the hostel. Sometimes a hostel with a bar is not the perfect option. Let me explain you why. If there are lots of guys in the hostel, they are direct or indirect competitors. Evaluate the level of danger. If you are well-known at the hostel, that’s a problem because guys will come to you and bother you when you are with a woman. By the way, it is important not to socialize with other men for those reasons. If nobody knows you, there have no reasons to bother you. I remember when I was in a hostel in London, I brought women to a bar outside of the hostel rather than inviting women to the hostel’s bar. Doing so, they didn’t see the other guests of the hostel.

I have to mention that many time, the hostel configuration does not ease interaction with women. For instance, in London, there is an Australian hostel franchise called St Christopher’s. In those hostels, the check-in reception is, in fact, the pub cashier. The only social place is the pub located in the hostel. It attracts male customers who jump on everything that moves after two drinks.

In some cases, it is worth standing at the entrance of the hostel in the late morning, waiting for female tourists to leave the hostels, and start talking to them while they are outside the hostel. You can also talk to them when they are nearby the hotel. You may start talking by saying something like: ” Oh I recognize your face, you stay at the “name of the hostel,” I am also a customer there, do you like it?…”

Afterward, it would be important to suggest an evening to a pub with them. Don’t be a chaperon. Try to find a situation where you will not follow them all day long without any benefits.

A hostel is a public place. I noticed that women are sometimes shy and withdrawn to preserve their public image. On the other hand, they may be talkative and open-minded when there is nobody around. I explained in my Ebook that the key to seduction success is related to the right environment rather than the interaction with women. The biggest barriers are the layout of the premises on the one hand and presence of other parties. Follow the rules that I described in my Ebook (spotting, isolation, proximity…)

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