How some women become hypergamous

Mothers and fathers use to spoil daughters as compared to sons. When daughters become teenagers they replace the parents by their boyfriend. When female teenagers become adults, they replace their boyfriend by their husband. Those women are always looking for men who can bring them as much satisfaction as their parents did when they were children.

Consequently, hypergamous women are created by parents who spoil their daughters.

  • Those parents offer too many gifts to their daughters (e.g.: sweet sixteen).
  • The parents don’t teach the value of money to their daughter
  • The parents pay for everything the daughter needs
  • The parents allow the daughter to study a useless degree on the job market so that the daughter thinks that there will always be a financial support in her life.
  • The parents solve their daughter problems on her behalf
  • The parents prevent the daughter to be in a dire situation.

Parents create hypergamous women. I think that fathers are responsible for it. Usually, when a man suffers because of a hypergamous woman, to me, the root cause of this issue is linked to the education she received from her father. The father was too lax and overprotected his daughter. She then does not know the value of money and she is looking for this unlimited amount of ressources that was first provided by the parents in the first place.

The father indirectly hurts men through his daughter

The sugar daddy behaviour of the father towards her daughter is responsible for the trouble she will cause in the life of all the men she will meet in her life: male friends, boyfriends, husbands.

It is not that simple

I also witnessed that some women became hypergamous later in their life even with a good education of their parents